Why Data Structures?

We will start from the very beginning. What is an algorithm?

We provide some input, such as an address or a person’s name, and give it to the computer. We expected to receive an output, in this case, a map with a direction to that address or a LinkedIn profile associated with that name.

The process that turns an input into output is called an algorithm.

As programmers, it is our job to make this process as efficient and accurate as possible. …


NHS Providers is the membership organization for the NHS hospital, mental health, community, and ambulance services that treat patients and service users in the NHS.

NHS Providers has all trusts involuntary membership, collectively accounting for £84bn of annual expenditure and employing more than one million staff.

Of the 217 NHS providers, there are 80 acute providers (providing largely hospital-based services) 10 ambulance services.

THE INTERVIEWEE: Jack — Consultancy and advisor for NHS providers


STAKEHOLDER DEPENDENCIES: Medium power, highly interested / Keep Informed / Easy-care stakeholder


Specializing in healthcare, Jack runs an…

JTBD (Jobs To Be Done) Interview — A Mixed Approach

In our second JTBD interview, we used both Jobs-As-Activities and Jobs-As-Progress method for our situation. While not perfect, we are happy with the result. It is a learning process, and we are very excited to share our journey here with the startup community.

As an early-stage startup, we’ve conducted 50+ interviews with industry experts and potential users to identify market opportunities and validate if the problem is worth solving. We’ve done all the users’ persona and stakeholders mapping exercises, which were very useful, but we still felt something was missing…

Miriam Dong

A full stack developer with an MBA in finance background.

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